Fire Ratings for Frame-Up™ Adjustable Kerf Steel Door Frames

90 Minute Rating on the following:

Singles up to 3'0" x 8'0"

Pairs up to 6'0" x 7'0"

All of our 90 minute fire labels read: 

Listed Fire Door Frame
1 1/2 Hour Rating
Minimum Jamb Depth 3 3/8 Inch
In Steel Stud, Wood Stud or Masonry
Meets UBC 7-2-97/UL 10C
Positive Pressure Requirements
Smoke and Draft Rating Requires Listed Gasket.

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Per NFPA 80:3-6.1 Flush Mounted Doors.  The non combustible clearance between the bottom of the flush-mounted doors and a raised non-combustible sill shall not exceed 3/8 inch.  Where there is no sill, the maximum clearance between the bottom of the door and the floor shall not exceed 3/4 inch.  Clearances at the meeting edges of doors in pairs shall not exceed 1/4 inch for three ply tinclad doors or 1/8 inch for other doors.


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