Q-LON Door Seals Weatherstripping QEBD500

Frame-Up™ uses Schlegel weatherstripping because of its superior performance and quality.  Below are the specifications of the weatherstripping.  Download the complete PDF here (425K). 



Compression Seal/Swing Door

Recommend 50%
Minimum 10%
Maximum 60%

Standard Pack: 37" (0.94m) 250 pcs/ctn; 82" (2.08m) 125 pcs/ctn; 86" (2.18m) 125 pcs/ctn; 97" (2.46m) 125 pcs/ctn;

Standard Lengths: 37"(0.94m), 82"(2.08m), 86"(2.18m), 97"(2.46m). Tolerance +/-1"(25.4mm). Other lengths available upon request.

Fire Rating: UL rated up to 3 hours

Installation: One profile seals the strike side, hinge side, and header.

Special Features: Composed of open-celled foam and a polyethylene liner which provides maximum long term performance with low compression force, and resistance against compression set. Retains its original shape year after year to maintain an excellent weather seal. Covered under the Storm Shield Guarantee. Dual durometer insert allows for easy insertion and maximum retention. It is removable without damaging jamb or seal.

Other Information: Kerf Width 0.125"(3.2mm); Kerf Depth 0.438"(11.1mm); Rabbet Depth 1-15/16"(49.2mm); Reach 0.489"(12.4mm) The liner is exceptionally durable and extremely tough, plus paints and varnishes do not adhere to it. Additives in the liner inhibit the effects of UV light on Q-Lon weatherseals.CFC free. Also available in Duraclad Liner.


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